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Strawberry Pastry Envelopes for Valentines Day

Macy Schafer
“Strawberry Envelopes”

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you may be looking for some red or pink, heart-shaped pastries for a partner or yourself. These strawberry pastry envelopes are the epitome for a cute gesture or a sweet treat. The pastry is the perfect mix of crispy and chewy. You can either buy a frozen pastry sheet or make it on your own but either way it’ll be crispy and soft. Once the jam is baked, it becomes warm and mouth-watering. The first step is to roll out the pastry sheets, then cut a 10 by 10 cm square and finally, turning the square so it is the shape of a diamond and placing a scoop or two of a home-made or store-bought strawberry jelly in the center. After this, take the two side flaps and fold them over the center of the square and over the jam. Then, lightly press them down to make sure they stick. Then fold the bottom flap on top of those and make sure no jam is peeking through. Using some left-over pastry dough, you can shape a heart and place it over the point of intersection of the folds. Before baking, lightly wash the envelope in an egg wash, sprinkle some sugar over the dough, and pop them in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 330 F. Take them out when browned and still slightly soft, and they will crisp up perfectly. Once they are cooled you can sprinkle on some powdered sugar and enjoy your valentine’s day strawberry envelopes! 



  • Two shortcrust pastry sheets       
  • Plain flour for surface
  • 165 grams of strawberry jam
  • Egg wash
  • 50 grams sugar for sprinkling
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