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Almost Unstoppable

Nader Sabawi

I was born in the arctic

I broke through glaciers and formed Canada

I found and killed krakens and kodiaks

with my own two hands

I found a gold ore so expensive that

only I can mine it unbound by the

laws of nature 


I found a new home on the sun quite easily

Sunspots have arisen solely out of my intelligence

that I’ve acquired through my experiences

Electricity powers my mind through

the electromagnetism of the sun

I connect with beings across the observable universe

using my uncontrollable energy

I am a perfect balance of negative and positive

charges contained within my mind


I strive towards mental security and

achieve sanctity in my knowledge

However my physical state is yet unmatched

My physicality and mentality combine to

form a being higher than Odin

But I have yet to understand the Davinci code

But I cannot move mountains as fast as I should

But I begin to corrupt myself with thoughts and emotion

But I cannot converse with every being on Earth

But I cannot be defined by brain nor brawn

But I…

I am balanced

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