2021-2022 Staff


Olivia Muse

Hi, my name is Liv Muse, and I am the new Editor in Chief of Vestal’s newspaper. I wrote a handful of articles for the paper in the past, but this year I am dedicated to creating a positive and influential atmosphere. I am in...

Production Manager

Sophie Coker

I’m Sophie! I am a senior and a three-year member of the student newspaper at VHS. This year I am the Production Manager/Editor. In addition to my involvement in BearFacts, I am a committed musician and play trumpet in many...

Art Director

Erica Fitch

Hi, my name is Erica Fitch, and I am the Art Director for the Bear Facts newspaper! Outside of the classroom, I play both varsity basketball and softball. I am also a member of the VHS Chamber Orchestra. One of my hobbies growing up ha...

Sports Editor

Alexander Stuppel

Almost everyday, I watch at least one sports game/match. The sports I watch the most are football and basketball, so I hope to focus on writing mostly in those topics. My favoritie teams are the Miami Dolphins (NFL), Miami Hea...

Leisure Editor

Victor Mazur

My interest in Bear Facts came from watching films and being interested in filmmaking. Last year I learned that we had a school newspaper, and decided to contribute my efforts and write about my interest in movies, as well as ...

Secretary and Calendar Events editor

Lila Condie

Hi I am Lila Condie. I am club secretary and events editor. I will be organizing a schedule of the school's events and fundraisers. I am also the woodwind section leader in the Marching Band and a member of the Winterguard. I ...

Currents Events Editor

Ian Chung

Hi! My name’s Ian Chung. I’m in 10th grade, and I’m the Current Events Editor for Bearfacts. Outside of school, I spend my time listening to music and writing short stories. I also obsessively follow the news, and so I decid...

Poetry Columnist

Madi Shear

Hello! I'm Madi Shear. I'm in 12th grade this year and I am the poetry columnist. I love dance, playing the violin, and love writing and reading poetry. This is my last year at VHS so I am excited to leave my impact through the ...

photojournalist sports

Elana Fitch

Hi. I am Elana Fitch. I am 2 minutes older than Erica.. My favorite sport is football, and I am the intern for the varsity football team. I get lots of pictures and videos of all the highlights. I also do girls basketball (bot...

World Language / IB News

Reema Sabawi

I’m a senior, and a current IB diploma candidate who takes both French and Spanish. I love writing informative pieces that allow me to share both my perspectives and current conversations going on in the world. As a Vestal st...

Humor Columnist

Jessica Elie

 I am a senior, and ever since I was in first grade, I’ve loved writing fictional stories. There’s something so fascinating about being able to transport yourself to a world of your own creation. This interest sparked an app...

Guidance News Columnist

Marina Zakrajsek

Hi, I am a Junior and I write the Guidance News Column. I take photos specifically for the purpose of creating a collage, which I think represents a lot of cool ideas. I like to write persuasive writing pieces, which I just th...

Obscure Images columnist

Faris Shamma

Hello, my name is Faris Shamma, and I am a freshman at Vestal Senior High School. I am in the school newspaper, and I write the “Obscure Images” weekly column. Personally, I like to read, write, swim, play tennis, watch TV sho...

Music Editor

Noor Hila

Hi, I’m Noor! I am in twelfth grade, and I am the music editor. My passion for music is multifaceted. As a singer, music producer, songwriter, and sound engineer, I am constantly creating, consuming, performing, and analyzing all s...

Pro / Con Columnist

Ellie Friedman

I am a sophomore, and the editor of the Pro/Con Column. I’m a Rising Voices Fellow at the Jewish Women’s Archive, where I get to write articles and blog posts. I love creative writing, researching interesting topics, skiing, and...

Hot Topics Columnist

Sriya Pallapothu

Hi, my name is Sriya Pallapothu. I’m in 11th grade, and I am the Editor of the Hot Topics Column. I joined Bearfacts to inform the student body of interesting and relevant information. I write about current news in the schoo...

Tech Columnist

Gavriie Singh

 I am Gavriie Singh, a sophomore at Vestal High School and the Technology Tips Columnist for the School Paper! My hobbies include playing the violin and piano, and playing golf and tennis. I also enjoy doing tech repairs!...

Science Columnist

Raghav Pallapothu

My name is Raghav Pallapothu, and I am a Freshman at Vestal High School. I am a science columnist in the Bearfacts Newspaper Club where my obligation is to spread and uncover the truth about the dangers and innovations in this...


Addie Kalina

I’m Addie Kalina, I’m 16 years old and a junior this year. I’m co-editor for the ‘Dear Friend’ advice column along with Riley Barr. My hobbies include reading, writing, and babysitting. My favorite genres to read and/...


Riley Barr

I am an 11 grader. I am co-author of  the ¨Dear, Friend¨ advice column. My favorite hobby is to read and write. My favorite genres of books are Romance and Fiction.


Jia Parikh

My name is Jia Parikh. I’m in 9th grade and am currently a journalist for the school newspaper. I am on the Varsity Swim team, and I love to dance, play the piano, watch TV, and read.


Keith Dai

I am in grade 9.  Journalist    Fun fact: I am deeply into sci-fi and fantasy genres.


Abhiram Kandanati

I am Abhiram Kandanati, grade 9. I am a staf writer. I love math, but suck at English. I play the piano and love to write about the stock market. I like to play strategy games and hate luck games. 


Maksim Kovacevic

 My name is Maksim Kovacevic, I am 14 years old and in my freshman year. I am currently a staff writer at the Newspaper Club, I am also a competitor in the Science Olympiad. I enjoy learning about science, reading, and writing. ...


Abeera Chaudri

I am in grade 11, and I am now a  journalist of the paper Bearfacts. I like reading and baking>   I am looking forward to writing book reviews for the paper! 


Ella McIntyre

I am in 11th grade. Almost everyday, I watch at least one sports game/match. The sports I watch the most are football and basketball, so I hope to focus on writing mostly in those topics. My favoritie teams are the Miami Dolphins (N...


Margaret Wood

My name is Margaret Wood. I am a sophomore who is a Journalist for Bearfacts. I am a part of the girls varsity swimming and diving team, art club, and Science Olympiad. I am also interested in writing feature articles. ...


Mitzy Benjamin

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