• How cold will it get?

    How cold will it get?

    The weather over winter break was frigid, and it looks like this week could be even colder. According to the National Weather Service, temperatures this week are expected to remain in the teens, with Friday's temperature expected to rise little above zero! What does that mean for Vestal students?...

  • Boys Soccer = State Champs!

    Boys Soccer = State Champs!

    The VHS Varsity Boys Soccer team brought home the NYS Championship title Nov. 12 in a 4-0 victory over Queensbury High School. Way to go, Bears! Check out a drone view of the parade of champions on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k05MiVPZd6M  

  • Class Rank: Utterly Meaningless?

    Class Rank: Utterly Meaningless?

    Andrew Raychawdhuri

         It’s that time of the year again. The time of year where seniors are anxiously preparing for their lives after their last year of high school and where the stress level reaches a maximum. With college applications being sent out and people preparing to find jobs after high school, there surely...

  • Join the team! Write for Bear Facts!

    Join the team! Write for Bear Facts!

    Bear Facts, the high school online newspaper, is preparing for the 2017-2018 school year and needs writers. If you have a knack for asking questions and digging into things, you might be the perfect person to join the staff. See Ms. Vanderpool in Social Studies or Room 292 for more info.


Facebook must revise live-stream policy

Kelly Hao

Ever since the opening of Facebook live stream, a number of unfortunate accidents have been streamed online. These accidents range from suicides, rapes, murders and even...

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Everything you need to know about Bears!

Kelly Hao

It’s common knowledge that our school bears the mascot, the Vestal Golden Bears, but how much do you actually know about our school mascot? Bear with me and my beary awesome...

The Joy of Coffee!!

Sana Malik

Every morning you wake up and you have one thing on your mind: Coffee. Whether it’s to run down to the kitchen and start the coffee maker, or getting out of your house and...

Sheng Slogar

Memorization is hard. Most every class you take as a high school student requires some sort of memorization. Hopefully, you take notes, make flash cards, and study. Then you...

Joram Stephenson

Of all the people who pass us by in our daily lives many of them we may see again in life. That old man may be your college professor. That girl or guy may become your husband...

Welcome to Vestal High School, Mrs. Little

Welcome to Vestal High School, Mrs. Little

November 3, 2014

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