Obscure Photo
Obscure Photo
Faris Shamma October 20, 2021

Where in the World or the School is this?  

Covid 19 Update: Broome County
Covid 19 Update: Broome County
Saba Rashid, journalist • October 19, 2021

As the covid pandemic progresses scientists are working around the clock to end this pandemic. The vaccines have created some ease for health...

For a Moment
Jia Parikh, journalist • October 18, 2021

Away from the chaos of the world In the heat of the sun You can distinguish the noises of nature The rustling of the trees The fluttering...

Guidance News: October
Marina Zakrajsek, Guidance News Columnist • October 18, 2021

PSAT’s: In recent news, the PSAT’s are approaching on Saturday 10/16/21. PSAT’s provide a way for students to have a better understanding...

New Year, New iPhone!
New Year, New iPhone!
Gavriie Singh, Tech Editor • October 18, 2021

On September 14th, Apple displayed their new line of phones, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, making unbelievable leaps in the capabilities...

Languages are Moving Past Only Gender Binary Pronouns
Reema Sabawi, World Language • October 18, 2021

Spanish and French are just few of many languages that are starting to include non-binary and all gender inclusive pronouns; and it’s spreading...

Noor's Top Ten Songs
Noor Hila, Music Editor • October 18, 2021

I Know the End - Phoebe Bridgers By the Stars - A Cappella Academy Pool - Samia Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters...

Madi Shear, Poetry Editor • October 18, 2021

being alive is a blessing being needed is wanted being in love is a gift being yourself is important your well being develops from...

Doodling: What It Says About You
Doodling: What It Says About You
Erica Fitch, Art Director • October 18, 2021

Imagine you are sitting in class one day, taking notes on a lesson. Your teacher drones on and on, almost putting everyone in the class to sleep....

Dear Friend Column
Dear Friend Column
Addie Kalina and Riley Barr October 18, 2021

Dear Friend: Some Tips for Starting School Hi Vestal Students! Starting school in general is stressful, but especially so after the past year...

As Washington Stalls, Broome County Watches
As Washington Stalls, Broome County Watches
Ian Chung, Current Events Editor • October 15, 2021

On September 17th, as congressional Democrats remained at odds over several bills struggling to make their way through Congress, Broome County...

TikTok Trend Promotes School Vandalism
TikTok Trend Promotes School Vandalism
Sriya Pallapothu, Hot Topics Columnist • October 15, 2021

Stolen toilets. Broken mirrors. Smashed floor tiles. Missing soap dispensers. These are just a few of the items that have been vandalized in...


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