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It Isnt True
It Isn't True
April 9, 2024
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Word of the Day
April 9, 2024
A Womans Experience
A Woman's Experience
April 9, 2024
Almost Unstoppable
Almost Unstoppable
April 9, 2024

February Crossword


1 common name for Agapornis birds, also used for Valentine’s Day

3 This is where the first known, recorded Valentine was sent from. It was sent by the Duke of Orleans in the 15th century.

5 Most popular gift to give (according to some. Hint: it’s a kind of food.)

6 a Roman Pope who officially declared 14th February Valentine’s Day in the 5th century

10 who is valentine’s day named after? (Hint:no abbreviations in first word)

12 Flower and also a symbol for Valentine’s Day, mostly given in the red color.

13 King _____ II: started the trend of giving flowers on Valentine’s Day



2 My ______ Valentine: 1981 horror film about Valentine’s Day

4 many believe that the origin of Valentine’s Day comes from this Pagan festival celebrated by Ancient Rome

5 it’s a figure from Greek Mythology that often appears on Valentine’s cards. (Hint: the figure has an arrow and is associated with the concept of love)

7 People in Victorian Era used Valentine’s Day to discourage these kind of people. 

8 Mother of Cupid in Roman Mythology

9 Richard ______: introduced the first heart-shaped box of chocolates for V-Day in 1861

11 _____ A. Howland: “Mother of the American Valentine”

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