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Growing From a Seed

Growing From a Seed

As a little girl, all you’re 

allowed to want

is to be unique, but not too unique.

fundamentally, a child needs love like a flower needs her sun.

to be loved

you must be unique, but not too unique.

to stand out too much is to ask for a 

drought of love,

but only if you are a growing 



she knew this meant that

to feel the rays of the sun,

she must be perfectly still,

soft spoken,

and agreeable.

pleasantly decorative,

like a flower in her glass vase.

most importantly,

she must be effortlessly good looking enough to 

please men.

but don’t be too obvious about it,

your body,

your looks,

your opinions.

because that is what you are

good for.

being quiet,

and pretty,

but not too pretty.

that is what she is good for.

this is what it means to grow from a seed.

she knows it, and you do too.

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  • T

    TayyebehApr 8, 2024 at 12:21 pm

    Beautiful! This lovely poem is so true.