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Good Luck, Rowen!
Good Luck, Rowen!
May 21, 2024

Scrutinizing Spoons

People aren’t educated about very important things nowadays. Things like why your reflection on one side of a spoon is upside down! 

GASP, I know right?!

On top of that, some people don’t even realize that their reflection is upside down.

I’m looking at you.

So, I am here to enlighten you on this invaluable piece of information!

Light reflects off of your face to the spoon, and back at you; just like a mirror. Yeah! Amazing right?! But then, why are you upside down? This is because a spoon is curved while a mirror is flat. When looking at a flat mirror the light will reflect straight back at you and you will look right side up. However, when looking at a curved mirror the light will reflect differently.

Here is a picture to help explain:

Basically, the rays of light from the top of your face get reflected off the spoon downward, and the rays from the bottom of your face get reflected off the spoon upward. That is what makes you appear upside down in your reflection.

So, if this is you:

Don’t worry, there is a reasonable explanation!,Nervous%20woman%20%2D%20Openclipart,-Visit

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