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a message to younger dancers

a message to younger dancers
M. Hampp

never lose your spark or the passion you have within you

never lose that innocent smile you carry with you everywhere you go

never lose your motivation to improve

but also never forget the joy dance has always brought to you

someday you will stop dancing every minute of every day

 for your care to try might have faded away

someday you will realize the impact you have on the dancers around you

and someday you will become the older girl that inspires the next generations


some things you will never lose

you will never lose that connection to the teacher who has always believed in you the most

she will help you to never lose sight of what’s most important

for she betters you and protects you from the bad

and I’ll always hope

you never stop cheering for those around you

celebrate your friends when they succeed 

and be happy for them when they deserve it 

most importantly 

never stop dancing for yourself 

express yourself through each move

because at the end of the day 

the stage is where you are safe

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