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It Isnt True
It Isn't True
April 9, 2024
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April 9, 2024
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April 9, 2024
Almost Unstoppable
Almost Unstoppable
April 9, 2024

Place to Place

Place to Place

Moving places here and there 

Wandering around as I was unaware,

Seeing different faces among people

Knowing that everyone is equal,


The night unfolds, clouds creep

Within, trepidation overcomes,

Despondent, as darkness carries away

Stoically waiting for the sun’s arrival,


No street lights to show

Only the moon to guide you right,

From a large bustling setting

To a small tranquil town,


New chapter, same book

Particular pieces in a puzzle always matter,

Heart may crumble, shatter, or crack

But what matters is that it’s still present,


Same people but with different faces 

Never thought it could be same in different places,

Nobody is what brings loneliness 

Always occurring and seemliness,


Not being contentious but listened

Did not relish but still feigned,

Went to the right that seemed to be done

Towards the path that leads to none,


 Moving places here and there 

Wandering around as I was unaware,

Ambiguous of what is right or wrong

All I know is that this path is long.

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