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Good Luck, Rowen!
Good Luck, Rowen!
May 21, 2024

Fact or Fiction?

It was a Monday afternoon, school was out and the fall season was coming to an end. I was making my way down to the bus after having to ask my French teacher a question about the correct way to say chocolate croissant (Pain Au Chocolat!) when I overheard a group of people who seemed rather contentious.

“How will we replace her role?”

“How could she leave so abruptly, it’s a week before the show and now we have no lead Actor!”

That was when the group of people noticed me listening to their argument, which led to the beginning of a rather interesting conversation. One particular person, a girl with black and red hair and glasses walked up to me and asked me a question I thought I would never hear in my entire life.

“Hey kid, how do you feel about playing a text message?”

I was baffled, out of the drama shows I’ve heard about I’ve never seen a text message in a show, much less the lead role.

The group quickly explained to me as they guided me to the drama club room that the show they were directing was all about social media, and the comical interactions between various popular social media apps, there were star players such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook, and then there was Text. It was an enigma to me as to how a show about such social media applications had the lowly text messaging app as its main character, between Snapchat’s quick connectivity between friends,  Instagram’s foray into pictures of puppies and garden salads, and Facebook being the hangout spot for old people, it seemed that Text wouldn’t really appeal to anybody. 

Taking in all these thoughts and questions led me to my succinct answer at the end of the day.

“Heck Nah!”

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