Owen Hatala

So many ancestors

Too many to count on fingers.

Reaped among millenniums of

new generations, the 

outcome, being the present thinker.

Never surrender to anyone

whom with similar

strands, you do not share,                

Galvanizing the current heir.


As how family generates responsibilities, and since

Necromancy is not part of modern capabilities,

Doubled is the weight on your shoulders, to create

everlasting memories with your kin,  

one we all wish to live, an ideal outcome,

energized with possibilities.       


Pointless it is to wither away,        

Only to wish you did it

a different way on a later day. 

Which way will you go? 

Everyone makes a choice, in hope

to eventually be able to rejoice.

Right now though,       


Fulfillment is forthcoming,

but is unvoiced.

Until the being knows what

it desires to achieve,

Left by its bloodline,

in the being, they believe.