VHS Welcomes Mr. Peyton Alig

VHS Welcomes Mr. Peyton Alig

Margaret Wood

Vestal High School welcomes Mr. Peyton Alig to the staff. He is a native of Vestal and is one of the two new staff members in the social studies department. His interest in history and social studies was sparked at a young age. His adoration for films and TV shows including the ancient Roman epic historical drama Gladiator and the medieval fantasy action series Game of Thrones paved the path for his future profession.

He grew up around the hustle and bustle of a teacher’s life, as both of his parents were teachers. Now, as an adult he is following in their footsteps. After his senior year of high school he knew he wanted to be a history teacher. A graduate of Vestal High School, he knew from the start that he wanted to pursue a career in the Vestal School district.

“This is my top choice,” said Mr. Alig. “In my opinion, it’s the nicest school in the district. So, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be here.” Mr. Alig was drawn to teaching secondary and high schools, and after conflicting thoughts about what subject he wanted to teach, he ultimately decided that he was most passionate about teaching the thrilling subject based on the past.

“History, social studies, that was the one I was most interested in,” said Mr. Alig. “I enjoyed seeing movies that depicted different forms of history, so having the opportunity to teach that was my preference.”

Mr. Alig is quite enthusiastic about teaching Ancient Greek and Roman history in his Global 1 class and is excited to finally share his love for history with his students.