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Blissful Ignorance

Blissful Ignorance

sitting in bed


have you ever thought about what

people are talking

about when not in sight

maybe nothing

is being said but

how can you know?

do you understand now what is meant by

blissful ignorance


do you ever stop and think

back to when life was simpler, when

worry punished

the mind not and life went on

when the fear you felt was


and not stemming from the

trenches of your mind

and you don’t yet get the meaning of

blissful ignorance


have you ever pondered

why those bottles stand

beside your bed

or why you must


to make sure people don’t 

think of you poorly 

or end up

talking behind your back

when did you lose that

blissful ignorance


ever think about what it’s like to not

permanently space out

while everyone else is having fun and you are

sad and anxious

for no reason

and to not think

everyone hates you

even though you know they don’t

there is power in

blissful ignorance


do you think it’s possible

to return to

blissful ignorance


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