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It Isnt True
It Isn't True
April 9, 2024
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Word of the Day
April 9, 2024
A Womans Experience
A Woman's Experience
April 9, 2024
Almost Unstoppable
Almost Unstoppable
April 9, 2024



In the gentle drape of fabric, a story is told,

The hijab, a symbol of faith, that stands strong and bold.

Unveiling layers of identity, it stands,

A witness to modesty, in many lands.


Like a flowing river, it gracefully cascades,

Embracing the soul, as it gently shades.

A shield from judgment, a refuge of peace,

The hijab’s arms bring inner release.


Through its folds, whispers of history reside,

Full of tales of resilience and pride.

It defies stereotypes, and breaks barriers too,

A statement of choice, for hearts pure and true.


Behind its simplicity, there hides a world of depth,

A symbol of devotion, quietly kept.

With each thread, a story is sewn,

Of faith and empowerment, widely known.


In its folds, a world of wonders reside,

Lies a tale of courage and pride. 

A symbol of beauty, left untold

A symbol of modesty, a crown made of gold.

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