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God of War Ragnarök-An Action Packed Game for November

Holden Schafer

     “Thanks to an amazing cast that’s doing an outstanding job, a compelling story told through the eyes of multiple characters, and top-notch combat, this epic and heartfelt journey strikes all the right chord.”

     God of War Ragnarök is an RPG game full of action and adventure. In this game, you travel across the globe completing objectives and becoming stronger every time. You will fight with powerful enemies such as The Wretch or Harðrefill, and soon after that, you will be fighting the Gods themselves.

     The average rating of this game is 94, with many great comments about it. The majority of players love this game, especially at the start of it while everything is still new to you, and you can explore as much as you want, finding new enemies and materials. While you are journeying and getting stronger, you can also buy new items to help you along your way. Though there may not be any sort of multiplayer in this game yet, it is still just as fun to play solo.

     If you decide you want to get strong enough to defeat the final bosses, then you can also decide to level up your skills and abilities. You can gain experience with these skills and watch as they get stronger and stronger with each level they get. Though it may take some time, maybe even hours, you will eventually be strong enough to fight the hardest bosses, and then complete the game. 

     God of War Ragnarök is a great game to play if you want to try an RPG game with hours and hours of gameplay, full of action and fighting, climb your way through the ranks to reach the very top, and finally slay the final boss.

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