Fact or Fiction?

Grace Yoon, Journalist

Did you know that the truffula trees from the popular picture book the Lorax are real? From its bright colors, butterfly milk scent, and bright colors, these trees exist in an isolated area in Greenland. These trees are now scarce due to deforestation, wildfires, and businesses that didn’t engage in sustainable practices. When Seuss saw these trees on a short trip around Europe in 1924, he was heartbroken to hear that the truffula trees were near extinction. This inspired him to write the Lorax as a cautionary tale about the need to respect and protect our natural resources.

UPDATE: Truffula trees are, sadly, not real. It is said that the Monterey Cypress tree inspired Dr. Seuss to write the Lorax, however, they are not the truffula trees that we hold in our imagination.