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Fall Sentiments


Everyone has different reasons to love fall, whether the way the trees are painted in sunset colors or the extensive décor, matched only by Christmas. Among others, Halloween, Columbus Day, and breast cancer awareness are all reasons to love fall. We can agree, though, that there are some universal fall feelings here in New York that we cannot help but love.

1. Stepping Outside and Inhaling The First Crisp, Clean Breath of Fall Air

It might feel like a blessing in spring, but by the time fall rolls around, the stuffy summer air can be a little exhausting. Walking out of your door on the first cold day of fall and taking in what can only be described as “fall air” is lifting and refreshing. It feels clean and crisp, it smells of pine and seems to sweep through you, clearing out the summer cobwebs.

2. Sweater Weather

The feeling of cozy fall clothes is not to be overlooked. It feels safe, in a way, to huddle into a warm garment protecting you from the cold. We have an unwavering faith in our trusty bundle-up-buddies to keep us warm, and something needs to be said for how wonderfully they perform their task every time.

3. Warm Cider and Donuts

Cold cider is refreshing and delicious, but on a cold day, a few sips of warm cider will warm you from the inside out and linger on your tongue. Similarly, warm applesauce has a similar effect, and is ideal for those who prefer to have something to chew.Furthermore, powdered sugar donuts get shunned for messiness, but the die-hard powdered-sugar-lovers will insist that it’s on par with the rest. Suspiciously, I haven’t heard a word on cinnamon powdered sugar donuts. One might argue that this is due to them being a fall specialty, but those of true spirit know that these donuts can be one of the best, if not the best, fall flavors. (Though, of course, Thanksgiving will always take the cake for fall meals)

4. Festive Spirits

Many things are contagious… But smiles are unique in that one might catch it with nothing more than a glance. Festivities spread like the plague, and despite your best efforts to resist the allure, they bring people together to celebrate a common event. To have that silent, mutual joy warms any heart.

5. Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the perfect excuse to craft a halloween costume or find one that speaks to you in a local store. Costumes definitely have a spectrum, a

nd at one end are sparkling mermaids and inflatable dinos, and the other end is banshees and ghouls. Even to those who don’t enjoy wearing them, costumes can be fun to look at. They often look like hundreds of pieces of art, all walking down the street for one night.

6. Sitting by a Fire on a Cold Night


Nobody likes freezing their fingers off on a chilly night, but the show must go on, and a fireside chat is a great way to continue enjoying the outdoors. With a blanket or jacket draped over your shoulders and the fire warming your face, enjoying s’mores and spooky halloween tales are among the most memorable of quality family and friend experiences during fall.

7. Fall Scents

Cinnamon… Pumpkin Spice… Apples… Fall scents are victorious above others. It’s time to break out the Yankee Candles and stock up on spices!

8. Warm Buildings

Admittedly, this applies just as well to winter, but you know when you’re out in the cold, your nose is numb, and your cheeks sting? It’s not pleasant, but the feeling of walking into a warm building and feeling your face thaw in the gush of heat most definitely is.

9. Corn Mazes and of the Likes

Most of us enjoy the sentiment more than trucking through stalks of corn and piles of mud in the cold, but there is something to be said for corn mazes. Iron Kettle, a farm in Candor NY, has many opportunities for fun activities during the fall such as hay rides, slides, their farm challenge, the tire mountain, and the Pumpkin Express Train.

10. Pumpkin Everything!

Pie, soup, bread,gourdes, carving, scents, drinks, flavors… all are part of the comfort of fall and the pumpkin extravaganza that comes with.


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