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Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review


Years after the collapse of civilization, warlords in control of precious resources are all that stands between people and death from radiation in the desert wasteland the world has become. When war rig driver Furiosa smuggles Immortan Joes’ five wives out of his fortress, The Citadel, in hopes of a better life for them, what follows is a harrowing, action packed chase.


In an apocalyptic society following the aftermath of a radiation leak, Mad Max: Fury Road is a commentary on current issues and feminism. The fourth movie in the Mad Max series, this movie works well as a standalone with all new characters and a refreshingly new take on action movies and a woman’s place in them. Earning $375 million at the global box office and receiving 10 Oscar nominations, Mad Max: Fury Road received praise from critics and fans alike. As opposed to the predominantly masculine action movies we’re used to, this follows Furiosa on her journey to save the wives from their fates as warlord breeders. What makes this movie different, and better, in my opinion, is the lack of explanation. Most questions will be answered later in the movie while the rest are up to interpretation, allowing the watcher to use their imagination and stay curious. Producer George Miller doesn’t ease into the action, the movie starts with a bang and the following two hours are never dull. My only critique is the characters’ immortality in crashes and fatal wounds alike. While far-fetched and, at times, downright ridiculous, Mad Max: Fury Road is a good movie choice if you’re looking for a deviation from your run of the mill action movies. 

4/5 stars

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