Tips for Getting Through Exam Season

Tips for Getting Through Exam Season

Grace Yoon, Journalist

The first two weeks of May are extremely stressful days for many students as AP and IB exams begin to pile up. Here are some stress coping techniques recommended by students from around Vestal High School:

Get a good night of sleep. This may seem a bit redundant and annoying as everyone has surely heard this through their high school careers. However, getting enough sleep can make all the difference. Staying up late and cramming for the next exam may seem like a good idea until you wake up the next day tired and without retaining any of the information you stayed up studying. 

Switch up studying spaces. Rather than cooping yourself up in your room, go outside or visit the library. The same old routine of sitting at your desk and staring at your computer can get dreary fast. Varying your study locations can make studying feel more engaging and intriguing. 

Remember it’s okay to let go of some things. The most essential thing about exam season is prioritizing what’s important. Trying to handle too many things at once will only add to your stress. Focus on what’s the more immediate or important problem to you currently and give that your all. Although studying can feel very lonely at times, there are people around you that understand what you are going through. Don’t put unnecessary pressure or expectations on yourself.