Precious Flower

Maggie Zhang, journalist

Flower flower,
Did you sleep well last night,
Did you turn on your nightlight,

Flower flower,
Sleep a bit more,
All your problems are just ignored,
All your problems I’ll account for

Flower flower,
When the thunder’s rollin’,
Just come to mother,
I’ll make all your fears disappear

Flower flower,
Don’t you dare dream big,
To accomplish big goals,
You’ll feel exhausted,
Rather, live,
Life on easy mode,
That’s the life I’ve chosen for you,
Through my efforts,
It’s possible.

Flower flower,
Do you feel ill,
Don’t worry,
I’ll prescribe some pills,
After all,
I know you better than doctors do.

Flower flower,
Don’t move too much,
Rigorous activity,
Isn’t well suited,
For your feeble body.

Flower flower,
Don’t compete,
Better be a coward,
Than overpowered,
High hopes lead to disappointment,
Your feeble mentality,
Can’t handle such brutality

Flower flower,
I want you to stay by my side forever,

Remember when you fell in,
The shimmering, clear river,
Well, I received a panic attack,
Hands trembling,
My mind considering,
Frightening possibilities,
A nearby onlooker,
Jumped in and heaved your shivering body,
Out of the waters,

Flower flower,
See the yellow swing set,
We used to sail back and forth,
A visual duet,
Your smile was a lot brighter then,
And whenever I said we should stop,
You yelled,
Again! Again!

Flower flower,
These days you look paler,
Your smile’s dimmer,
Do you resent your mother?
For not bringing you out into the world,
But, I did all this for your own good,
I didn’t want you to experience hurt,
I didn’t want you to experience desert,
I wanted you to stay safe,
How could you appeal against such a case?