Decorating Grad Caps: Staying AHEAD of the Game

Decorating Grad Caps: Staying AHEAD of the Game

Erica Fitch, Art Director

Graduation is right around the corner! For many seniors, graduation caps and gowns have recently been brought home. If you’re like me, one thing you’ve noticed over the years is the many elaborately-decorated graduation caps on top of the heads of those walking across the stage. 

Now, as a graduating senior, I have the chance to decorate my own cap. Other seniors, you can do this too! 

First of all, you will need an idea for your graduation cap. Don’t go in blindly! Many people decorate their caps with their college’s colors, regardless of if they’re an incoming student or just graduating from that school. One graduation cap I will always remember (and be jealous of) was at my cousin’s Binghamton University graduation, where a girl had Binghamton University’s campus made out of LEGOs on her cap. Some people also put inspirational quotes on their caps partnered with pretty colors or put decorations regarding their hobbies or other interests, such as sports or music. You should sketch it out first or decorate your vision on a spare cap to make sure it is what you want it to be. Don’t go overboard, however, you’ll want to make sure it shows who you are. You need to make it meaningful, something you will be proud to wear on your big day!

After planning out what you want to put on your graduation cap, you will need to get supplies. Glue is absolutely necessary to attach everything you want to your cap. Hot glue is the best to ensure everything will stick. Depending on your design, you may want to find various types of stickers, such as rhinestone stickers or alphabet stickers. Acrylic paint could be used to make your cap vibrant with colors, while glitter and flowers provide a delicate touch. 

Next, it is time to decorate! After planning out your design, decorating the cap should be simple. Before you glue anything down, make sure your cap is facing the right way. Nobody wants a cap that was decorated sideways. When putting accessories on, hot glue each one to the cap to ensure that they stick on. After letting the glue dry, you should be finished!

Graduation is a happy ending to an intense high school career. Whether you choose to go onto college, get a job, or take time off, you should be able to show off who you are one last time to your classmates. What better way to do so than with your own, unique graduation cap?





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