3/23 and 4/5 Board of Education Report


Samson Wong, BOE Reporter

The Board of Education (BOE) meets biweekly on Tuesdays. Meetings are held using a hybrid format, with some members in person and others attending through zoom. At these meetings, members also have the opportunity to make comments on agenda items during the “ Public Comment on Agenda Items” section. General comments and inquiries can be expressed during the “Voice of the Public” portion of the meeting. 

At each meeting, the Student Government President is given the opportunity to report on the happenings of the high school. The report is not limited to student government activities and can cover events, opportunities, and requests. 

As the current Student Government President, I create a report highlighting various clubs and groups. I’d like to encourage club members/ leadership to contact me if you have something you’d like me to make the board aware of!


3/23/22 Student Representative Report Transcript

Student Government 

  • Talent fest was an incredible success. We live-streamed it and people who were in third-period commons or gym came to the auditorium and watched the performance live. This was a one-hour program and after all eight acts were performed, we put out a google form that was linked to a QR code. This QR code could be scanned and we could instantly have students vote for their favorite act. We had over 500 kids vote. That’s a huge turnout for any type of schoolwide vote and it’s one of our first years doing a student vote before we had a teacher panel. This time it was a student vote and we decided on the top three places.
  •  We’ve also updated the Spring Bruin dance which is the spring version of the King Buin which is normally in the winter. We’ve moved it indoors and it is still semi-formal
  •  Student government is also preparing for a world peace day which we set on March 25th
  •  In April we plan to run the volunteers of America personal care item drive which is similar to last year’s drive which was for Rise women’s shelter so similar goals there.
  • Junior class is selling prom tickets this week for junior prom which will be on April 1st 

Varsity Club 

  •  Varsity Club is meeting this Thursday to plan their spring pep rally and to figure out how to support the Special Olympics.


  •  Members from 7-9 band and 10-12 orchestra participated in BCMEA. starting Friday and culminating in a concert Saturday. The concert went well.
  • This upcoming week, members of the 7-9 BCMEA orchestra will be having their rehearsals and performances, so best of luck to them 
  • Last week we also had a school-wide event where there was music playing every day between the passing times and this music was specially chosen by the teachers. Some teachers created their playlist and students were asked to guess whose playlist was who’s at the end, the students with correct answers were entered into a prize drawing


4/5/22 Student Representative Report Transcript


  • This past weekend, Music students participated in a solo festival. 
  • Each audition is comprised of 3 parts, 
    • Scales
    • The Piece 
    • Sight Reading 
  • NYSSMA auditions are used as a qualifying test for Area All-State, 
  • Students can also perform to be considered for an All-State Ensemble 


  • Tomorrow, NHS will induct roughly 60 new members

Vestal Sr. Wintergaurd 

  • Congrats to all members 
  • Vestal Sr. Wintergaurd  earned the George Cauburn Esprit de Corps Award
  • They also received 1st place in the Scholastic Regional A class

Ukraine Concert

  • In collaboration with the Together With Ukraine Foundation, orchestra director Ms.Wilson has organized a concert with over 10 groups. This concert will take place at Binghamton High School. Groups performing include; VHS Chamber Orchestra, Vestal Voices, and Bear Necessities.   

Odyssey of the Mind

  • Congratulations to all 3 teams moving onto the world finals 

Student Government

  • World Peace day was a success. We raised around $700 for Doctors without Borders