Why Not Have a Truel?


Samuel Armand, Journalist

Imagine, two opposing combatants fighting for the top position. The only way to win? By defeating each other in a duel. However, a third opponent arrives, complicating the situation. Now what? Do the two finish their dual, the victor facing off the third? Or do they flip a coin to determine who gets to fight out of the three of them? No, they wouldn’t choose either of these options. Instead, they could simply have a truel; a duel between three opponents. The stakes are high as the uncertainty of three people raises the win-or-lose ambiance amidst the three. But, is a truel even a thing?

UPDATE: As luck would have it, truels exist! A truel, also spelled triel, is a relatively new word. Because of this, it isn’t as frequently used or heard as often as its counterpart, a duel. However, if you ever wanted to combat two other foes, then a truel is a possible action to take!