Apple vs. Android: Which is better?

Apple vs. Android: Which is better?

Sriya Pallapothu, Hot Topics Columnist

Do you need a new phone? Are you wondering whether you should buy an Apple phone or an Android phone? It can be difficult to choose what type of phone you want to buy, and it’s important to consider the different attributes of both Apple and Android. Here are some of the benefits of both Apple and Android phones. 

Apple Pros:

  • Getting an iPhone is convenient if you already own other Apple products. If you own products such as Macs, Apple Watches, or iPads, buying an iPhone would allow you to connect your phone to your other devices. This would allow you to effortlessly transfer work from one device to another. 
  • iPhones have more accessories that are available. There is a greater selection of Apple accessories available, including more phone cases, screen protectors, and more. 
  • IOS lets you know when apps are tracking you, giving you greater privacy. Although Apple still tracks your activities, IOS does notify you when other apps are tracking you. This gives you the ability to opt out of being tracked by different apps and helps safeguard your personal information. 
  • iPhones get quicker and more frequent updates. Android phones typically don’t get as many software updates as Apple phones. iPhones get updates years after they were originally launched, and the updates are available to all users on the same day. In contrast, updates for Android phones are often released in waves, with different users getting the updates on different days. 
  • It’s easier to get your iPhone repaired. Finding places to get your iPhone repaired is easier than trying to find places to get your Android phone repaired. In fact, in many cases, Android users have to send their phone back to the manufacturer to get it repaired- a process that can be both time consuming and frustrating. 


Android Pros:

  • There are a variety of phones at different price ranges. In general, iPhones tend to be very expensive. The least expensive iPhone is $429. However, Android has cheap phones and expensive phones, making Android phones suitable for all budgets. 
  • Android phones tend to be more customizable. Android phones offer many options for users to personalize their devices. These include widgets, the ability to place your apps almost anywhere on your phone, and the ability to set third-party apps, such as keyboards or browsers, as the default instead of the pre-installed keyboards or browsers. 
  • Some Android phones allow you to expand your storage. You can expand your storage on an Android phone by using a microSD card, which allows you to store files that don’t have space on your device’s internal memory. 
  • Almost all Android phones have USB ports. Unlike Apple phones, which use Lightning ports, Android phones use USB ports, allowing these phones to charge faster than their Apple counterparts. USB ports also tend to be cheaper than Lightning ports- something that is especially important since Apple began leaving out chargers with phone purchases. 
  • Often, Android phones don’t have to be charged as freduently as Apple phones. In addition to charging faster than Apple phones, many Android phones also have a longer battery life and do not need to be charged as frequently. 


Personally, I think that Apple phones are better because of their convenience. However, if you are still unsure of whether Apple or Android is better, buying a phone that is affordable and fits all of your needs might be the best option for you.