Dear Friend: What are some spring activities I can do with my friends?

Dear Friend: What are some spring activities I can do with my friends?

Riley Barr and Addison Kalina

Hi Friends!

Spring is finally on its way! After such long and cold winters here in Vestal, spring is heavily anticipated. With the flowers blooming and warm weather starting to arrive, we get a little taste of summer and an opportunity to be outdoors. We know from experience that in the winter it feels like all we can do is be tucked away inside, with only movies and shows to watch with friends. Although that can be fun, finally getting outside in the nice weather is always very exciting.

Some spring activities we’ve come up with to do with your friends:

Dress up and have a picnic.
Find a cute area to put down a blanket and eat yummy snacks with your friends. Wearing a springy dress makes the moment feel even more special.

Go on a bike ride or a hike.
Getting outdoors after being inside all winter is the best feeling. Exercising with your friends can be very fun and an opportunity to make good memories.

Get each other flowers.
Receiving flowers can make anyone’s day, as well as giving them. Have fun with picking out cool flowers you think your friends will love. Putting flowers in your house makes it feel bright!

Watch the sunset together
Since the weather is getting warmer, we can finally go outside to view the sunset. Putting on a sweatshirt and getting together with your friends to watch the sun go down can be peaceful and serene. You can also make the moment more exciting by having a bonfire or making a good meal to eat while you watch.

Go get your nails done
With the weather getting warmer and sandals making an appearance again, getting your nails done can be the perfect activity to do with your friends. Pick out a color you find fitting for spring, or match it with one of your friends. Digging out the sandals and wearing them again can feel even better with a fresh pedicure.

We hope these ideas helped or sparked other ideas for you to come up with. Let’s start to enjoy the sunshine and birds chirping together. We hope you have a great spring!


Your Friend