Silly Spring Stories

Silly Spring Stories

Jessica Elie, Humor Columnist

How do you know flowers are friendly? They always have new buds!

Spring is rapidly approaching, and with it, the strangest weather of the year. This is the time when Mother Nature likes to play pranks on us. One day it’s 70 degrees, and you can take a stroll outside with a calming, warm breeze drifting over your face, thinking maybe winter is finally over. Then, suddenly, bam! You get a foot of snow! And that’s the promise of spring. What will this new season bring? Who knows. But, what we know for sure is that there will still be plenty of hilarious news stories. So, here are some recent stories to enjoy as we march into this crazy new season.

On March 6 in Austin, Texas, moviegoers seeing “The Batman” were in for a surprise. As Batman flew across the screen, a real bat flew around the theater! As a prank, somebody had released a live bat into the room. Imagine the thought process that must have been going through the minds of the audience: “Wow, these special effects are amazing! It looks like that bat is actually in the room! And now it looks like it’s flying around the room! So cool! And, look, it landed on that person- WAIT”. Despite being shocked by this unexpected guest, however, most audience members decided to deny the offered refund and instead continued watching the movie. The staff frantically moved throughout the theater and attempted, unsuccessfully, and no doubt hilariously, to capture the bat.

If a character has a certain job, the actor may spend some time trying their hand at that job to prepare for the role. However, it is not common for an actor to pursue their on-screen career several years after their movie. Yet, recently, this is exactly what a man named Rod Masters did. In 1977, Masters played an NHL organist in the movie, ‘Slap Shot.’ Then, 45 years later, he decided, out of the blue, to send an email to the game presentation executives for the Seattle hockey team, the Kraken. These executives recognized his name almost immediately, and they soon accepted his request to be the official organist for the team. Now, at the age of 68, Masters can finally experience what it’s like to play the organ in the NHL.

I hope these stories could give you a laugh, and warm your heart while we wait for the temperature to do the same.