Self Love

Elana Fitch, Sports Photojournalist

Right now, there are a few things I love about life right now. For example, the girls basketball team made me a poster with all the players and coaches signatures, my username, and pictures of me . I really appreciate it and it’s really special to me that they did that! It was a big surprise to me, but it was worth it! The team gave it to me on their senior night while Erica was being walked to the center of the gym. My sister also had a very nice thing to say about me in her reflection that all of the seniors have to fill out for the senior night ceremonies. I have built lots of support for my Instagram and Facebook pages. There are teachers in the school who follow it or they gave the Facebook page a like, and even teachers and staff from my elementary school follow it! I’ve got some family members that follow it too! Other parents of players also follow it. It means the world to me to have all of this support.  Another thing I love about myself right now is my workouts. I have looked thinner in pictures which is amazing! I am going to continue to push myself to make myself look even better.