Books for Bleak Winter Days

Abeera Chaudhri, Journalist

In these cold winter months, there isn’t much to look forward to. Every day is gloomy with ice sloshing around and occasional sprinkling of snow. However, there is a lovely solution to this boring and dreadful time of year- reading! This time of year is simply amazing for a good book! Here are three that take advantage of the winter atmosphere and the time cozied up inside. 

Echo North by Joanna Ruth Meyer

A highly underrated story. While reading this beautiful piece, I found myself saying, “Where have I read this before?” That is because Meyer takes her inspiration from classical fairy tales and mythologies and incorporates it into a heartwarming tale. This book is sure to cozy you up on a much needed snow day that we are awaiting. Our protagonist, Echo, finds herself bargaining with a mysterious wolf for the life of her father. When she agrees, she is taken to his secret cave-like palace and must remain there for one year as per the conditions of the deal. As Echo explores, she discovers a library with magical glass books, walls that listen, and the mysterious source of it all. The more caught up she gets with the magical nature of this house, the more questions arise. She finds herself wondering about the magical source of this house and just who exactly is this wolf? If you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast, you will love this heartwarming story.


A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson 

In my humble opinion, mysteries are best served on a cold and frosty day. This amazing novel, with its character driven plot, will have you so caught up in the story that you won’t even realize how fast these slow midwinter hours have gone by until you finally stop after completing  “just one more chapter.” The protagonist, Pip, is the epitome of a perfect student. A good girl. She has always stayed away from controversial activities and gotten perfect grades, but, for her senior capstone project, she brings to light a local mystery that she has wanted to explore for a long time. Five years ago, Andie Bell was murdered by her boyfriend Sal Singh. Despite everyone believing the case is fully solved, Pip suspects foul play. She knew Sal Singh before, and wants to dig back and finally uncover the truth.


Sing Me Forgotten by Jessica S. Olson 

For fans of Phantom of the Opera (and crying), this story is for you. Sing Me Forgotten will have you tangled in it’s magical opera and enchanted world. Isda is a ghost (well, not literally, she’s just hidden). In a world where Isda’s face tells more than her voice ever will, she secretly longs for the day she can be seen in the opera of which she resides. Cyril, the owner of the opera house, saved her when she was little. In exchange for protecting her identity and giving her a place to live, her job is to use her powers to draw people back to the opera, keeping ticket prices high. There is one rule though: do not be seen by anyone. Isda is successful in staying hidden and not meeting new people. That is until she encounters Emeric Rodin, the sweet janitor that wants a chance in the opera. Breaking her rule slowly, Isda agrees to secretly train Emeric’s voice for auditions. But as time passes, how will Isda be able to balance hiding her identity and performing her duty in the opera house? This book was enchanting and heart-wrenching and it will leave you begging for a taste of the magic and Emeric’s homemade caramels. 

In case you are wondering which of these books you should read first, here is a little breakdown. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is amazing but for new readers it can be a little wordy, so I would recommend starting with Sing Me Forgotten (if you are interested in fantasy). It is a light and simple read that is also a standalone, so no commitment is necessary. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is a trilogy, with each book just as captivating and thrilling as the first, and none of the books disappoint. Echo North is good when you need to feel like you’re just not here in this world. It provides a sense of nostalgia while having insane amounts of originality and creativity. It is sure to make you feel like you stepped into a 17th century fairytale. 

Those are my book recommendations for the month! All these books are amazing and if you read any of them feel free to comment on the article and give me one of your winter book recommendations!