Senior Athlete Spotlight: Mackenzie Parks


Elana Fitch, Sports Photojournalist

I had the opportunity to interview Mackenzie Parks about her high school athletic career, and here is what she shared: 

Mackenzie Parks cheered for Vestal for all 4 years of high school. She did 2 years with JV, and 2 with Varsity. Mackenzie’s favorite positions in cheer are backing and basing because they are sometimes the most important part of the stunts. 

Her favorite rival to face is UE, because UE is an outstanding cheer team, which forces them to rise to the occasion. Mackenzie says her teammates make practices enjoyable, since they are always laughing and joking around, and it cheers anyone up if they had a bad day. 

Mackenzie likes being a part of a team sport, since she enjoys being a role model to all the younger cheerleaders. 

Vestal couldn’t be more proud of you, Mackenzie!