Winter Concerts Finally Resume at VHS!


Samuel Armand, Journalist

This year, all of the music programs available at Vestal ( Chorus & Vestal Voices, Band, and Orchestra) were able to have their concerts all in person! Each concert was unique and had many exciting songs, from iconic pieces, like “Rolling in the Deep” and a Disney Medley, to fun and festive songs, like “A Mad Russian’s Christmas” and ”Winter Dreams.” Each musician played to the best of their ability, and it seems to have paid off tremendously! All the ensembles played extremely well, and the audiences were extremely impressed, multiple coming over to congratulate any and all musicians they met! It was a great feeling to finally return to inperson concerts, after a two-year hiatus. I was lucky enough to ask the Orchestra director, Miss Wilson, her thoughts. 

          When asked how she felt during the minutes leading up to the concert, she told me that she felt, “Ready to go, filled with anticipation and excitement.” She also shared how after the concert was over, she was extremely proud. She recalls the experience as, “Cathartic and restoration after finally overcoming years of quarantine”. Overall, Miss Wilson was impressed with both Concert Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra, and says that the ensembles should both be exceptionally proud. I can assume the same feelings were also shared with the other music directors, Miss Crissman, Mr. Kiley, and Mr. Backus. You can look forward to more concerts later this year in the spring here at VHS!