“First, You Only Have 12 hours.”


Keith Dai, Journalist

Coupled with the image of a ticking clock, this first line brings you straight into the new and exciting plot of an anime recently released in April of 2021. The next lines continue explaining, “Secondly, follow my lead and change nothing. Thirdly, past or future, just let them be.” These three basic fundamentals weave the cliff-hanging tale of Link Click (or Shiguang Dailiren, the original Chinese name), a story of an extraordinary duo who can seemingly correct all the regrets of your past. Our protagonists, Cheng Xiaoshi, a black-haired, dark-eyed energetic soul whose emotionally-driven personality is what pushes the plot. Lu Guang, whose white hair and pale eyes counter Xiaoshi’s, is self-composed, mature, and the perfect balance. How they help is simple: Cheng Xiaoshi travels into the photograph, and Lu Guang can see the past events, helping Xiaoshi stay on the correct timeline. Their secret is even hidden from their boss, Qiao Ling, who eagerly provides them with clients.

This anime is different from others of its genre; it’s time traveling, but limited and simple, so it doesn’t deal with the messy time paradoxes that sometimes make the story seem almost too coincidental. The anime is fast-paced, each episode introducing another client’s history, but the end ties back to the beginning with an amazing cliffhanger. We quickly see how easily things can go wrong, and the repercussions of how ignoring your mistakes could lead to big consequences in the future. 

If the plot doesn’t draw you in, then the art and music will definitely do so. The artwork (shown above) isn’t just for looks, the usage black and white fully contrasts the two intertwined characters yet distinct characters. The music is also not random; the clock (time) is the main theme of the series, and it always ends with a monotone beeping noise, signaling the end with an alarm. 

For those of you who are interested in watching this anime, it is available on Funimation.