VHS Spirit Week

VHS Spirit Week

Faris Shamma, Obscure Images columnist

This past December, VHS ended the last week before Winter Break with a bang: Spirit Week! Over the length of the week, students dressed up accordingly based on the theme of the day. Here were the themes:

  • Thursday: Western Flannel Day
  • Friday: Beach Day
  • Monday: Movie Star Monday
  • Tuesday: Ugly Sweater Day
  • Wednesday: Pajama Day

The most participated days were definitely Pajama Day and Ugly Sweater Day, as they didn’t require much setting up, and one could utilize pre-existing clothes. The day with the least participants was Movie Star Monday, as it required much more effort than putting on a sweater you already had. If I had a suggestion for future spirit weeks, I would recommend trying to make everything a little more accessible and allowing for events with less effort.

Overall, this spirit week was fun and a relatively easy way to feel like a part of the school. Lots of people took part in it, even some of the staff and teachers. This was a first for me. As in previous years, I didn’t care much for themed events like this. I think spirit weeks are a good way to give students some much needed fun in the repetitive school life schedule. I am happy to say that I will continue partaking in future spirit weeks!