My New Year’s Resolution

My New Years Resolution

Elana Fitch, Sports Photojournalist

Happy New Year, everyone! For 2022, my goal is to continue my fitness journey. In the past, I tried working out, whether it’s Wii Fit or short weight training videos, and I don’t think I truly accomplished my goal of losing weight. Since I lost motivation during both activities, I realized I was not approaching this journey correctly. I accomplished half the battle for losing weight. I now understand that you need to eat healthier too. 

I am taking this goal seriously. Since November 2021, I have taken my workouts to the next level. In my house, we have a treadmill, weight machine/gym, dumbbells, and barbells. With that equipment, I decided to challenge myself to use it almost everyday. After Thanksgiving, I started trying to eat healthier too. 

People have told me to focus on how I feel and not the numbers. I think I have noticed a difference within myself. This year, I am going to exercise and eat more whole foods to live a healthier life! 

Attached is a picture of me trying to show my results 🙂