New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Keith Dai, Journalist

The last two years have been tough for everyone, and the changing world seems to throw us out of the ordinary. However, this year can be like no other, and we can defeat our past worries and anxieties. I am certain that 2022 holds many promises! 

Here are some of my goals: 

  • Begin reading some of Brandon Sanderson’s, Stephen King’s, and John Green’s works
  • Look for community/volunteer opportunities in our local community
  • Expand on my artistic skills/hobbies
  • Use my time efficiently: how much I put in is how much I’ll get out of it
  • Have patience for my results
  • Focus on my dreams
  • Have fun with family and friends
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle (eat, sleep, and exercise)
  • And, of course, prosper, appreciate, and be grateful for my what I have in my life

Remember, everyone has their own goals for self-improvement and positivity; don’t let others make your thoughts or ideas feel unimportant. This year is a new start for everyone, and we can all try to make the most of it!