Dear Friend: New Year’s Resolution


Addison Kalina and Riley Barr

Dear Friend: What should I do if I feel like giving up or no longer pursuing the New Year’s resolution I set for myself?

Hello Friends, 

 Sticking with your resolutions for the New Year is hard. It feels like it’s easier to plan what your resolution is going to be before the new year begins than it is to actually stick with the goal you’ve made afterward. Personally, I’ve never been too keen on the idea of creating a resolution just because a new year is coming up. I think that if there’s a goal you have in your mind, you should go after it and try to accomplish it whenever you want, not just when the year is changing. 

That being said, I don’t think you should be too hard on yourself if you no longer want to complete a resolution you’ve previously come up with. If the time isn’t right for this goal of yours to be worked on, the time simply isn’t right. Don’t feel pressured into working on something or challenging yourself just because you see others doing it due to the New Year. Sometimes, New Year’s resolutions aren’t always meant to be, and sometimes it isn’t the right timing for that resolution to happen. That may be the case for you. This doesn’t mean working on this resolution can never happen, it just means that maybe right now isn’t the time for it. 

You can always work on your goals later on in the year if you feel that’s best. Remember, not every goal needs to be completed immediately and some take time. Also, the resolution might not work out this year, but it can always be saved for the next as well. There is no pressure to complete things you feel will need more time, try going at your own pace. If this resolution is one you truly feel like giving up on, don’t get down on yourself. If you still want to work on something, try coming up with a new goal. Maybe this one will be more enjoyable and something you feel excited to complete! We hope these suggestions have helped!