Senior Athlete Spotlight: Erica Fitch

Senior Athlete Spotlight: Erica Fitch

Elana Fitch, Sports Photojournalist

I had the chance to ask Erica about her high school athletic career and here is what she shared:




Erica Fitch has played girls basketball and softball for Vestal High School for the past 4 years. She has enjoyed playing basketball since first grade and began playing softball for Vestal Girls Softball in third grade. She has played for school teams, rec teams, and travel teams. In basketball, Erica’s favorite position to play is forward, specifically power forward. However, playing the center is a close second favorite. In softball, her favorite positions are first base, second base, and pitcher. 

Erica shared some of her pregame superstitions. She always eats a Nature Valley dark chocolate banana oatmeal bar right before warm-ups in softball. In travel softball, she consistently got big hits after eating one of these bars and the tradition has stuck ever since. She ties her sneakers/cleats as tight as possible before a game starts so she can both keep herself in reality and make sure her shoes don’t come untied in the big moments. Erica’s favorite number to wear is 33. Her twin sister, Elana, always wore 33, and up until 7th grade, both girls played basketball and softball together. Upside down, 33 becomes EE, like Erica and Elana. Even though Elana is not playing by Erica’s side, wearing 33 helps Erica feel more connected to her twin. The number 33 has been her lucky number and ever since she started wearing it in 6th grade softball, she has been proud to wear it and claims the number whenever she can. 

Erica states that being an athlete has made her a better person all around in school and in life in general. In school, she has become better at time management with her work since she’s had the knowledge that practices and games take up lots of time. She has also learned how to be a team player in everything, from games to group projects. Sports has helped her to become the confident leader she is today. Vestal couldn’t be more proud of you, Erica!