Guidance News: November

Guidance News: November

Marina Zakrajsek, Guidance News Columnist


Guidance offices have been working with different organizations to create connections and stay informed upon updates, some of which include:

Truth Pharm – A local organization that helps with addiction

Social Services – Helping with foster care, looking out for some kids, and the overall safety of all students


November is a busy time for seniors getting their college applications done ahead of time. November 15th is the final due date for these applications, so final touches and requirements such as teacher recommendations, final SATS (taking place on November 6 for those seniors interested) and finishing college essays is coming to a close.

There is also a Broome Field Trip taking 273 seniors to experience parts of Broome considering about ⅓ of students will end up attending. The field trip is a tour where the seniors are able to meet teachers, college students and have some of the free food, that I’ve heard is worth the entire trip. 

College Preparations:

College representatives are constantly in the Counseling and Guidance office. There are usually 2-3 representatives a day ready to offer advice, and information. A list is posted in the Guidance Office and as many of you have heard or not, they are announced daily over announcements.

SATs are an important part of college preparations and taking the PSATs can be a great opportunity to strengthen your skills. The turnout of the PSATs this year included 35 sophomores and 145 juniors. These are slightly lower numbers than previous years, so make sure to get in some studying for the SATs!

Workshops and Training:

SUNY is providing a free workshop in November for financial aid. Financial aid is a tedious and annoying part of the college application process, and SUNY provides this service that is free and available to all students, and their parents that could use the assistance.

The Guidance Office has also taken part in new training in search of advancing or changing to some new career software. To make it easier and more efficient in the search of careers.

Career Exposure:

RAMM corp. Is hosting a manufacturing day in Green, where 20 students throughout grades 9-12 are able to view the processes that RAMM uses to continue to be successful in business. Although it is a manufacturing day students are exposed to the aspects of business, production, and manufacturing in depth, a learning experience for plenty of different careers.

New York State wants to further career opportunities in the state, and help keep people within the local community. With the Grow Your Own Teachers program kids from high school take part in a two year program. The first year entails workshops with information, and the second year students are in a classroom teaching kids. They also get a paycheck for their services which is always a plus. 

Recognition Programs and Scholarships:

HOBY is a nationwide leadership program held every June that the staff of Vestal High School appoints one lucky sophomore to take part in. The program helps to build confidence and further leadership skills. The hope is that the sophomore brings back those qualities and activities to help create a better community.

A Good Citizenship Award is another award in recognition of one lucky student. A senior that demonstrates what being a good citizen is about is selected to commemorate that student. Awards and different scholarships like these are something to strive for as they can include money, medals, and can be a great selling point on a college application. 

Student Support:

5 week reports will be coming out soon and although some students are succeeding others could definitely use some assistance to further their grades. It has been a difficult transition with the events of COVID, and guidance counselors are meeting with students who need support to determine ways to move forward.

National Honor Society is developing an after school tutoring program for free, tailored to assist those students that have been in quarantine due to unforeseen circumstances or anyone that needs it. NHS free tutoring is available before and after school anytime in room 125, which also has nice, comfy chairs. 

Recent News:

Recently, Mrs. Martino has begun preparations for a new food bank! The food bank plans to help out a lot with the upcoming holiday season. Volunteers who donate their time would be great and in the past there have been different rewards for donating. It will be open at night for the privacy of those attending the bank. Another thing to look forward to during the holidays!