Dear Friend: Winter Activities

Dear Friend: Winter Activities

Riley Barr and Addie Kalina

Dear Friend: What are some fun winter activities you recommend doing with your friends?

Hello Friends, 

Finding exciting activities to do with friends and family in our area can be hard. Luckily, we have some recommendations! Having a good time with friends doesn’t always mean going out and doing stuff, though. Staying home and having some friends over can be just as fun. 

If you want ideas for what to do at home, we suggest having a gingerbread house making competition or holding a Secret Santa contest. You can also have a cozy night where you just stay in, drink hot chocolate, bake some holiday treats and watch Christmas movies together. If you prefer going out, we recommend driving around and looking at Christmas lights. It’s a simple idea, but we’ve found that sometimes just driving around with friends, seeing the lights, and listening to Christmas music makes for a memorable night. We think going to a coffee shop like Starbucks and trying the items they have on their holiday menu would be fun, too. We hope some of these suggestions have helped you and your friends! 

Love, Friend