Winter Wonderland


Jessica Elie, Humor Columnist

What is Spider Snowman’s secret identity? Peter Parka! 

Winter is rapidly approaching, much to the chagrin of all of the warm weather lovers. So, I’ve provided some fun winter stories in hopes of providing some cheer as we move into this cold and dark, yet joy-filled season. 

Hotel guests can often be rude. However, a ski resort in Newry, Maine recently hosted a group of guests who were nothing but holly and jolly. The resort held an event that prompted skiers to dress as none other than Santa Claus himself. The mountain flooded red as hundreds of jolly old men raced down it, all while raising thousands of dollars for charity. 


People often fantasize about living in Ikea. For a few people, this briefly became a reality. In Denmark, a snowstorm trapped several people overnight inside of an Ikea. It is never good to be sequestered anywhere during a snowstorm, but an Ikea has to be one of the best places you could be. In fact, the confined customers and employees had a blast. They relaxed in front of a TV and raided the buffet for food. When the tiredness set in, they each got their pick of any bed in the showroom. Every person essentially got a free trial of their dream bed. Afterward, one customer remarked that it was a good, fun night. With hours of TV, a nap on a brand new bed, and a dinner of Ikea’s heavenly meatballs, it’s no wonder that fun was had all around. 

Hopefully these amusing stories have made winter seem a bit more inviting!