Toys for Tots Facing Challenges in Delivering Christmas Presents

Toys for Tots Facing Challenges in Delivering Christmas Presents

Sriya Pallapothu, Hot Topics Columnist

If you celebrate Christmas, do you look forward to the mounds of presents under the Christmas tree each year? For most kids, Christmas is filled with the joy of meeting up with family and opening presents. However, not all kids are in a financial situation where their families are able to afford to buy presents. Thankfully, that’s where Toys for Tots comes into play.

Toys for Tots was established in 1947 by the US Marine Corps Reserve. The Toys for Tots motto is “Every Child Deserves a Little Christmas,” and each year, Toys for Tots donates toys to kids in need. Toys for Tots is creative when it comes to distributing toys. On average it distributes around 6 million toys and books to children annually. 

Despite the success of Toys for Tots in the past, this year it is facing some challenges. Due to supply chain shortages, they are expecting fewer toys than usual for this holiday season. According to a survey, around 82% of Toys for Tots retail executives are worried about toy shortages this year. More families have signed up for toy donations this year than in the past, which poses a real problem when paired with supply shortages. 

Another issue this year is the lack of warehouses to store the toys. Donald Emert, a Toys for Tots Coordinator in Northeast Indiana, says that he has “contacted several different businesses, real estate companies . . .  and there’s a lack of space out there for us to be able to host.” Even though he might not have enough space to store the toys, Emert is determined to deliver as many toys as he can. He says that he is even prepared to stock the toys in trucks and deliver them from house to house. Emert’s optimism and determination mirrors the attitudes of many other Toys for Tots coordinators across the country. Even though the organization is facing more challenges than usual due to the pandemic, Toys for Tots is committed to giving every child a bright and hopeful Christmas. 

Additionally, if you are interested in donating toys or money, Toys for Tots is still accepting donations!