Thanksgiving Shopping

Thanksgiving Shopping

Sriram Chakravadhanula, Journalist

You know it’s Thanksgiving time when your mailbox is flooded with catalogs filled with large discounts and coupons. Labor Day, Independence Day, Christmas and more national holidays provide markdowns year-round. But Thanksgiving stands above them all. Why is Thanksgiving the holiday where hundreds of customers line up outside stores?

The pilgrims had their first Thanksgiving in 1621. One year later, they landed on Plymouth Rock. Although Thanksgiving was portrayed as a day where the pilgrims and the natives came together and celebrated the annual harvests, the real story was very different. In fact, the pilgrims were actually the ones to celebrate the harvest. Their native friends misinterpreted their shouts of celebration and believed they were under attack, but they later ended up joining the festivities.

Thanksgiving has become a national holiday with a craze similar to Christmas. Nowadays, Thanksgiving is a time when families get together and share a meal. It’s a time for socializing… and shopping. For most, Thanksgiving allows people to take a break from their rigorous workload. But for the business markets, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of their most profitable time of year: The holiday season. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas are in the top 5 most profitable days of the year for most businesses. For smaller stores, the holiday season constitutes most of their annual profits. 

Whether Thanksgiving is a holiday where you get together with family and friends and socialize, or you stand outside Target all night, shopping for the very best deals, many can agree is that it is a holiday that has a long and interesting history that gives us a nice time to cool down… which we return to the very next week.