Tips to Play the Piano: One Note at a Time


Gavriie Singh, journalist

Have you ever tried to play the piano thinking you could sound the way that a pianist plays, but you were only able to bang a few sore-sounding keys? At one point I was in your shoes, but I somehow got a fairly mediocre Piano teacher. I really didn’t feel that my progress was moving forward, I did one competition and didn’t do the best. The lack of support and quirky teaching methods caused me to think of practicing as a chore, but then I decided to move to a new, much more professional piano teacher. She was enthusiastic and had tips and tricks that really helped and kept me engaged. I developed my skills, which allowed me to greatly enjoy performing on my piano one note at a time. Now 5 years after I started playing piano, I participate in more competitions than I could have ever imagined. It is amazing how complex but simple it is to play the piano. A pianist is like a clock, the simplicity of two ticking hands on the outside contrasted by the complexity of the working gears hidden away.

You might be wondering about how to improve your piano playing or just learn a quick tune, so here are some tips!

  • Play with your dominant hand.
  • TAKE IT SLOW! Don’t hurry or rush a piece. Play at the right speed for you and take the time to learn it right!
  • Practice! Practice! Practice! You need to practice consistently. Playing the piano is like a sport, the more you practice the better and faster you can improve!
  • Try practicing for correctness, not progress. When playing piano you build muscle memory. This is very handy but can become harmful if you repeatedly practice or ignore mistakes while playing.
  • If you want to commit to playing the piano you should find a teacher. I recommend researching a well-known, trusted, and qualified teacher.
  • Read the sheet music when trying to learn a piece of music. Don’t just look at your hands!