Dear Friend: Third Wheeling

Dear Friend: Third Wheeling

Addie Kalina and Riley Barr

Dear Friend: What do you do if your friends are starting to get into romantic relationships and you’re not?

Hello Friends, 

Seeing your friends experience new things while you’re not is difficult. It’s understandable if you feel stuck or like you are missing out on “the high school experience.” It helps to take into consideration that out of everybody you go to school with, only a small amount are in relationships. Go at your own pace with what you want to experience. Remember that a true friend will make you a priority along with their new boyfriend or girlfriend. If you feel like your friendship is being affected by this new relationship, we suggest talking to your friend about it and expressing your feelings. Letting your friend know how you feel means you have the chance to improve your friendship and have better communication. We hope this helps.

Love Friend