Guidance News: October

Marina Zakrajsek, Guidance News Columnist


In recent news, the PSAT’s are approaching on Saturday 10/16/21. PSAT’s provide a way for students to have a better understanding and anticipation of the SAT’s and signups are currently being held from 9/27 up until 10/8 during lunch periods. Juniors plan to take this test and the SAT in May 2022.


College Info:

Concerning College information the Guidance office is always available and coming up on 10/20/21 the Broome County Arena will be hosting a College Day. It is a great opportunity to meet plenty of College representatives and plan for the future. Vestal will be taking any interested seniors and juniors within 5 buses.


College Day is a great way to meet with college representatives but the Guidance Office also has representatives present, daily. This is another way to gain information concerning college with specifics of what that entails and is great if you do not have the availability to attend a trip to said college. The discussions with representatives are usually about college majors, campus visits, cost, admissions requirements and what’s new and exciting on their campus. The Guidance office posts a list of who will be here outside the Guidance office but it is also available on the google classroom 2022, Guidance page as well as announced daily.



Seniors should be planning out their college applications as most will be due by December. Right now is the prime time to squeeze in a last chance SAT. SAT’s are offered at Vestal on the date 10/16, 11/6, and 12/4. Counselors just finished visiting the senior classrooms to explain the nitty-gritty of the admissions process, as well as talking with parents on 10/22 at 6:30 pm. With any questions concerning admissions or SAT’s, you can reach out to your counselor.


In more exciting news, the preparations for Graduation 2022 are underway! Guidance will meet with each senior individually to make sure their requirements are fulfilled and get the specifics of how people would like to be introduced walking across the stage!!


Field Trips:

For any interested students, there are many field trips planned. These include one to SUNY Broome, one to the Broome County Highway Dept for students interested in Construction, Engineering and Architecture, and also a trip to Raymond Corp for Manufacturing Day. 


Overall Information:

There’s always a lot going on in Guidance, preparing for the holidays and finding ways to help support students who are in need of food, supplies, and gifts.


The Guidance office is always available to help students and would like the students of Vestal to know “We have the best students at Vestal and we love to find ways to help and support them in school, life and college & career planning.” – Martino (Guidance Counselor)