Dear Friend Column


Addie Kalina and Riley Barr

Dear Friend: Some Tips for Starting School

Hi Vestal Students! Starting school in general is stressful, but especially so after the past year and half we’ve had. We’re here to help you feel less alone in this stress and to simply talk if you want to. Some tips that have helped us with the beginning of this school year are:
-Get outdoors after school
-Make a new friend or talk to someone you haven’t to since the start of the pandemic
-Have time management on your assignments
-Go easy on yourself
-Have fun picking out clothes to wear every day
-Join a club if you have the time to after school

These are a few things to do to help us start this new school year. Contact us at [email protected] and [email protected] for any advice you need or if you want to talk to a friend.

Have a great fall!