Meet Our New English Teacher: Mr. Gilebarto


Faris Shamma, Obscure Images

On Friday, September 30th, I interviewed one of the new English teachers, Mr. Gilebarto. As I walked into his room, I noticed that there was nobody else there; it was going to be a quiet, peaceful interview. After our initial greetings, I began the series of questions. Mr. Gilebarto brought us back to your college years. At first, he had his sights set on becoming a biochemist. He was generally pleased with his field of study until he realized he was not the biggest fan of the math and numbers part of the science. He recalled being lost for a while, unsure of how he would continue his higher education until he remembered two things he had loved his entire life: reading and writing! He changed his career path soon after. Mr. Gilebarto has a long career history. He taught for a while in a private school in Jamestown, New York, then moved to teach in a class A high school with hundreds of students graduating yearly. Also, he worked at Pavilion Central High School for 21 years before arriving at Vestal High. Mr. Gilebarto decided to teach at Vestal as a spur-of-the-moment type of event to coordinate with his wife’s new job. He went in for a job interview with the school this August and decided to take the offer. “Everything seemed to go so quickly,” he told me calmly, his words contrasting with the serene atmosphere of the room with the birds chirping outside. Gilebarto has nothing bad to say about the school–so far! All the students have been very welcoming and more personal. Many students stop by to greet him and tell him to have a good day regularly, which he says has never really happened to him in the previous schools where he taught. His favorite subject to teach in English is Shakespeare! He said that he loves teaching the students plays. His favorite book is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. With that, I ended the short but pleasing interview with Mr. Gilebarto. I hope to see him in the hallways again, and I wish for his happiness and successes to continue here!