Get to Know Mr. Turner


Gavriie Singh, Tech Columnist

Vestal High School has welcomed many new teachers this year. One of them is Mr. Turner, an enthusiastic, motivated, and relatable chemistry teacher. 

Mr. Turner relishes chemistry and is very qualified. He finished his undergraduate and his chemistry degree at the University of Rochester. In addition to a degree from the University of Rochester, he got his teaching degree from the University of William & Mary.

Interestingly, Mr. Turner has both relatable and unique hobbies that he does in his spare time. A couple of his pastimes include playing video games, reading books, and spending time with his beloved two year old daughter. He also enjoys outdoor activities, such as hiking and canoeing. 

The burning question: why did Mr. Turner chose Vestal High School over other options? He told me he used to work in Ithaca for five years teaching a mix of Regents and honors chemistry, but he says that “the drive was a killer.” He also found the opportunity to be attractive as he lives closer to Vestal and would get more time to spend with his daughter. Mr. Turner also mentioned that he was interested in Vestal High School because of its “reputation for being an excellent school.”

“I have heard it’s a really good place to work,” says Mr. Turner.

He has enjoyed his experience at Vestal so far. “I am really excited to be in a room with students, with labs, and lighting things on fire. The students here have been outstanding and very engaged in their own learning. My colleagues have also been very supportive and welcoming me as a new teacher!”