Music Mentor


Keith Dai, journalist

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Ruth Crissman, our new band teacher. Crissman was born in Rochester, NY, to a musical family. Therefore, she has natural musical genes! At the young age of twelve, she decided she wanted to teach music. Following her goal, she graduated Chenango Valley High School and attended College of St. Rose in Albany, New York. She taught at Glenwood and Tioga Hills Elementary School for the past 2 years, before coming to Vestal High. While talking to Crissman, I asked her a series of rapid-fire-questions that she happily answered. I asked, what is one thing you wished you did, but have not had the opportunity to? She always dreamed of becoming an Olympic figure skater, because of her admiration for their grace on the ice. Considering she is a music teacher, I was dying to know who her favorite composer is. To my surprise, Crissman loves Mozart. Her favorite food is Mac ‘n’ Cheese, especially the ones made with velveeta cheese. Lastly, I asked her to share a fun fact that not many people would know. I did not expect such a controversial stance, but she gleefully introduced the Apple versus Android product debate. She said, “Apple products do not appeal to me because of my slight lack of technological skill.” Besides our differing opinions on the magic of Apple products, I can happily say that I am excited to see Crissman’s future here, for I know she will inspire young students every day!