Meet Your Den Leaders

The Den is Back

Meet Your Den Leaders

Olivia Muse, Editor-in-Chief

Now you may be wondering what the Den is like under the lights of Dick Hoover stadium, and from personal experience I can easily say it’s beyond belief. There are few times I feel Vestal exemplifies the magic of teenage coming of age movies, but in the Den everything seems to move in slow motion. Whether you are one to head the line of the den or casually sit on the outskirts, it is obvious that you have seen or heard of the den leaders. Therefore, I am here to present to you the frontier of our student section: Kay Farro, Cole Burdick, Evan Koffman, Ryan McAvoy, and Abi Hammaker. Luckily, I had the opportunity to talk to four of the five notorious leaders, and here is what they have to say:

Why did you become Den leader?

  • Mrs. Darpino recommended it. They also all love going to games and participating in school spirit.

What is your favorite part about the student section?

  • Losing your voice, the intensity of the adrenaline rush, and conducting positivity through vocals.

What themes are you most looking forward to?

  • Halloween, neon, pink out, and possibly USA.

What can Vestal do to have a better den?

  • Getting more underclassmen to participate would add to the electricity. They suggested getting a microphone to reach more people and I can happily say they have added it to their bag of tricks.

Who runs the Vestal Den Instagram?

  • Cole does a large part, but all of them contribute to spreading the word.

How do you feel about the edit Faith Carty made?

  • Everyone loves it. More people should do things like that because it truly captures the spirit of the Den. 

Who is the best den leader?

  • Ryan and Evan because they know how to get loud and hype up a crowd effectively.

What is the purpose of the den?

  • To boost morale for all sports teams, even if they are down.

Are there any restrictions on what you can say?

  • Both Gannon and Darpino have put limits on cheers to keep a sportsmanlike atmosphere built on respect. However, if the den starts it themselves, the den leaders are not at fault.

         The Den has gradually become the highlight of our weeks, as we count down the days to the Friday night lights. With covid, we all remained isolated in our houses deprived of the adrenaline of a touchdown, goal, or ace. Therefore, I encourage you to get out there. Experience the throwing of the chicken, electricity of the chants, and even the chill as temperatures drop. Yes, someone may be a little too close for comfort on both sides and you may get slightly sweaty, but at least we can say it’s because we have the best student section in the 607. I pay a large thanks to the den leaders for making the den active this year and for taking the time to answer some questions. So shout out to Evan, Ryan, Kay, and Cole! If you have not taken any time to talk to your 2021-2022 Den leaders then I recommend getting to know them, because in the most professional way to say this, they’re all pretty dope.


Faith Carty’s Edit of The Den:

Faith Carty’s Edit