Poem: Those Broken Folks

Inspired By Nikki Giovanni’s “Cotton Candy On The Rainy Day”


Victor Mazur

How to be sad
You stay by yourself
You live alone
You die alone

The tears run down your face
You wonder what it’s like to live
What are those maniacs doing on the outside
You wonder what it’s like to die

How do they smile
What is in all that cheer
Is there a recipe
Some baking soda or is it all internal

Perhaps they don’t know pain
Fending out for their “idiotic rich community”
What else do they say
Or perhaps
Its you
Sad man

You wonder how to live
When you never learned to cry

Out there it’s a whole world
Apart from your cage
The metal barring any exit

Yet the metal is mental
“It’s only a state of mind”

There’s no one but you
If you hide you’ve all you got
Which truly is so not a lot so little so so so nothing
Life’s not all that bad on the outside
One or two maybe three or four
Of those awful human beings will bring you down
Sadly they are often the first you meet

But if the cage becomes but a home
A place of rest before and after otherworldly ventures
A place to confide in rather than to hide in

You will meet another world
Apart from misery
For you are misery
But can change it!

So much so much awaits
If you can open the door
Do so and explore
Be free

And with it in it
Love all around
There will be comfort
A together world
Where sadness is welcome
Complemented by an insurance in others
Just like that you will know how to cry